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Do you have ancestors or relatives that you can't locate? This is where others can help you in your personal family history search as well as contribute information to the Self Family genealogy. Please direct your inquiry to Webmaster and provide the following information:

  • The name of the person you'd like to find
  • The county/state where this person lived
  • The approximate time period when this person lived
  • Permission to use your name and e-mail address
  • Please restrict your questions to those named Self or their direct descendants.

    Cousin Melissa is looking for information about her grandmother, Rose Lavada Self, probably born in OK. She was married to John Sylvester St. Coeur. Her children were born in the San Bernardino County, CA area. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Robbie would like to learn the ancestry of William Thomas Self, born April 25, 1854 Paulding County, GA and died December 29, 1927 in Etowah County, AL. He m. on June 24, 1885 to Mary Frances Herndon, born June 2, 1860 in Cherokee County, AL and died December 12, 1946 in Etowah County, AL. Their son, James Elmer Self (1896-1972) was Cousin Robbie's grandfather. Please contact Webmaster.
    Friend Greg writes: I am looking for a friend I went to High School with--Scott Self--he would be around 32 years old. He went to high school in Springfield Missouri for a time. His family moved to Nashville for a while and then back to Springfield. Have no idea where he is now. Would love to get in touch with my friend again. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Sandy is looking for information on Frances Sarah (Mackey) Selph, born Aug. 11, 1919 in Berrick, Warren County, IL and died Jan. 1984 in Shepherd, Yellowstone County, WY. Her parents were Grant General and Mary Elsie (Newman) Mackey. She was employed by the Sheridan Livestock Company in Sheridan Wyoming in 1950. Who was her husband? Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Sandy is also looking for information on the following Selph individuals (all deceased)...

    1. William Franklin Selph, b. Apr. 16, 1898 in Pearl River County, MS., son of George Adolph and Virginia Rilla (Evans) Selph
    2. Arlene Marie (Kessinger) Selph, b. Feb. 13, 1920 in Topeka, KS., daughter of Clyde Colby and Clara Frena (Knier) Kessinger. Which Selph did she marry?
    3. Louise (Blomer) Selph, last known address before she passed away was Colorado Springs, CO. Which Selph did she marry?
    4. Twila Mae (Bishop) Selph, b. Jan. 20, 1927 in Colorado and d. Apr. 1975 in Colorado, daughter of Fred and Lillian Mae Bishop. Who was her Selph husband?
    5. Iva Marie (Ringgenberg) Selph, b. Dec. 8, 1921 in Enid, Garfield County, OK and d. Oct. 12, 1994 in Republic County, KS., daughter of Charles Bryan and Elizabeth M. (Mahan) Ringgenberg. Which Selph did she marry?
    6. Eleanor Dorothy (Bauer) Selph, b. Oct. 26, 1934 in Buffalo, Erie County, NY and d. Feb. 1985 in Polk County, FL., daughter of Charles Martin and Eleanor Dorothy (Dillon) Bauer. Whom did she marry--and how is she related to other Selphs in Polk County, FL?
    7. Gretchen (Pyles) Selph, b. Nov. 7, 1909 in Des Moines, IA and d. Dec. 1973, daughter of Jacob Benjamin and Sylvia Julia (Pryor) Pyles. Her Social Security number was issued in Minneapolis, MN., and her last address at the time of death was in St. Louis County, MO. Which Selph was her husband?
    8. Dorothy Hope (Derrick) Selph, b. Oct. 27, 1927 in St. Albans, VT and d. Apr. 1982, last known address in Maine. Her parents were Robert Jack and Helen Miller (Tufts) Derrick. Who was her husband?
    9. Elizabeth (Sayko) Selph, b. Nov. 3, 1922 in Homestead, Allegany County, PA and d. Jan. 1991, daughter of John and Mary (Checkloski) Selph. No known last address. Which Selph did she marry?
    10. Laurene Kay (Parker) Selph, b. Feb. 13, 1949 and d. July 9, 1998. Her SS# was issued in Montana in 1967, and her last known address was in Hilliard, Franklin County, OH. Her parents were Jackie Laurence and Doris Elizabeth (Coakley) Parker. Who was her Selph husband?

    Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Sharon writes: I'm looking for information on James Self who married Annie Jones. They lived in Lost Mountain, Cobb County, Georgia in 1850 and 1860. James served in civil war and never returned home to his family. Their first child was my greatgrandfather William Thomas Self born April 25, 1854 in Cobb County. Brothers of William Thomas were Isiah, Robert and George Self. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Mary writes: I'm looking for the "father", of Sallie Pearl Self, her mother was Lula Thomas, her brothers were Ted and Paul self, she was born about 1917 in Jefferson County, Alabama, around Birmingham or Mount Pinson area. Her mother Lula Thomas, had a sister, Ella Thomas, and a brother Charles Thomas, also from Jefferson County, AL. all these people lived in or near Oak Grove, and Oxford, Alabama around, 1935/1945. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Gary is looking for Elijah Self, Jackson Co., AR m. Parthia Johnson m. 2 Emma Perry. Emma had at least 3 children, but died young. Her children lived with their grandparents Daniel and Amanda PERRY, Glass Twp., Jackson Co. AR In the 1900 Census is found Whitfield SELF b.1889, Samuel b. 1891 and Ross b. 1895. All are listed as grandsons. Ross SELF m. Sarah BREWINGTON. She first m. COLLINS. She and Ross had Emma Jean and Mildrean, both living. Emma Jean is my wife's mother. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Misty writes: Don't have too much info to go on, my father didn't hang around family after he grew up. All I know is he was born the youngest of 5-7 children inpond creek, oklahoma. My grandfather was of german-dutch decent and my grandmother was part kickapoo Indian. Her surname being Potter and his being Self.My Aunts and Uncles were named Floyd ,Heubert(sp) ,Lola Faye, Ethyl may,Beatrice Kaye, and my dad's name was Buddie Leigh Self He was born Sept. 01, 1923 and died July of 1977 in Las Vegas. My uncle Floyd was married to Margaret Smith and then married my aunt Katie She's still alive but my Uncles are both passed away. I appreciate any help you can give me. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Brandie is trying to find her father, Alan Webb Self. He was born in Grayson County, TX in 1955 and is part of the Lackey Self line. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Richard is looking for the parents of SCOTT SELF. He was born Jan. 19, 1861 in Greene County, TN and died Feb. 10, 1889 in Greene County, TN. He m. Mary C. Cornell, b. May 10, 1863 and d. Aug. 15, 1891 in Greene County, TN. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Anne writes: In 1880 Mary Ann Self was in the St. Landry's Parish Census. She married Job(e) Self. sometime between 1870 and 1880. He was her third husband. They may have had children. I don't know 1. Job(e)'s parents 2. Where they went or when they died. 3. The names of their children, if any. She is rumored to be buried in Shreveport. any information will be appreciated. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Lynne is looking for information regarding ELIZABETH SELF, possibly daughter of SAMUEL SELF, son of ABRAHAM born in Virginia in the late 1700s with both father and son dying in Tennessee. Samuel died in Humphreys County, TN in 1850. Elizabeth married EZEKIEL PARRISH. Would love to share information. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Mary writes: I am interested in finding documentation for the marriage of Lucy Self, daughter of William & Tabitha Self, to Edward Douglass, son of John and Susannah Douglass. I have been researching the Douglas and Self Families for some time but have not found documentation for above marriage. I know from my own research that the two families evidently lived in the same area as several documents I found for the Douglass family had Selfs as witnessess. [Does anyone] possibly have documentation or whether this was drawn from the fact that one of the 9 children of Edward and Lucy Douglass, was named William Self Douglas. I must admit that this would be logical to me also, but would like documentation if possible. As I mentioned above, I have been researching the two families since my father was a decendant of Edward Douglas and my mother was a Self. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Ed writes: I have little doubt that I descend from William Self who was born about 1753. I would like to communicate with anyone who can dispute, amplify or corroborate any of the following, my best guesses: William (Isaac?) Self fought in the revolutionary war, wed a woman about his age, died in Oglethorpe Co Ga about 1807 & had the following six children. (1) William Isaac Self, born about 1775 in Prince Edward Co, Va. He wed Dicey Vaughn Jan 21 1795 in Bedford Co Va. Their 1st child, William Isaac Self, was born Oct 1 1796 & died Mar 31 1846 in St Helena Parish La. (2) Elisha Self, born about 1776. (3) Elijah Self, born about 1780 in Oglethorpe Co Ga. He wed Martha (Patsy) Beavers Nov 11 1805 in Oglethorpe Co Ga. & died in Greensburg, St Helena Parish La. (4) Dicey Self, born about 1786. She wed Harrison Cooper Jun 6 1803 in Oglethorpe Co Ga. (5) Jacob Self, born about 1788. He wed Patience Burke Jan 17 1810 in E Baton Rouge Parish La. (6) Joseph Self, born about 1791. He wed Rachel Bearden Feb 25 1810 in Clarke Co Ga. Their son, Lovick P Self, wa born Jul 6 1811& died Dec 19 1837. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Tiffany is looking for her grandparents, Bobbye (1925-1988) and Eugene Self (1923-1979). They were both from St Charles Parish in Louisiana and their names are Bobbye Aylene and Eugene Banker Self. Their son Bobby Gene Self died in St Charles Parish. She is especially interested in hearing from anyone who knew this couple or any of their family members. Any info would be appreciated. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Eric is offering $100 reward for documentation proving that David Jackson Selph is the son of Ezekial Selph (who was son of Ezekial Selph and goes back presumably through Thomas, Henry, Francis, and Olde Robert Selfe). We can find no proof of this relationship anywhere, but hopefully someone out there has the desired documentation. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Dorothy has found a Robert Self who m Mary Ansty 1622 in Melksham [Wiltshire, England] and a Robert b 1640 Melksham. We're putting this in the regular (and not the UK) section of "Find YourSelf" to see if anyone recognizes Mary Ansty or a spelling variation as being a possible relation to our Olde Robert Selfe. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Carol is looking for the parents of John Alfred Self. He m. Kate Virginia Sisle and lived in Caroline County, VA. His children were: Sally (1844), Margaret (1846), Phoebe (1848), John Washington (1850), and James Buchanan (1852), her ancestor. James Buchanan Self m. Dec. 7, 1885 in King George County, VA., Emma Lou Green and had children: Kate Virginia (1887), Mary Elizabeth (1890), Inez Irene (1891), Ethel Lee (1894), Linda May (1896), Clara Pearl (1898), Clarence Byrd (1900), and Andrew James (1905). Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Yvonne writes: I am looking for information about my third greatgrandmother, Hannah Self. I suspect that she was born in Virginia about 1770. She married William Pursell in Virginia about 1800. I think her father's name was William. Her children were:Mary (Polly) Pursell (second greatgrandmother) born 1812 in Indiana; John (1800-1866) born in Kentucky, married in Indiana: Stephen; George; Margaret, Hannah, William, Nancy, and Patty. I would be happy to exchange information with relatives. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Jean is trying to find out more about Howard William Self's line. He was born 5/17/1928 and may have died 1946 in Georgia. This individual is from the Alfred Burton Self line in Union County, GA. Please contact Webmaster.
    Cousin Meg writes: I am looking for information on my Great Grandmother Maggie Birdie Self...Her death certificate lists her place of birth as Truman, Arkansas, her parents are listed as Jessie Self and Allie Bert. Her Ancestry is listed as American Indian-Irish. My great grandmother was born Feb. 20, 1907. Allie Bert was supposedly 100 Cherokee Indian who died young. My great grandmother married a gentleman named Unise Lee Tucker,who was listed as 25 years old on my grandmas birth certificate in County of Poinsett, Township Willis, Town Truman. I can find no more information on anyone in this family. My great grandmother died in 1991. Her siblings that I know of were: Ruth Self (Weaver), last known address was Paradise California. Richard (Dick) Self, last known address was in Missouri, and Jane Anderson, listed as living in Los Angeles...I cannot reach any of these people...Any information on this line would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Webmaster.


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