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Do you have ancestors or relatives that you can't locate? This is where others can help you in your personal family history search as well as contribute information to the Self Family genealogy. Please direct your inquiry to Webmaster and provide the following information:

  • The name of the person you'd like to find
  • The county/state where this person lived
  • The approximate time period when this person lived
  • Permission to use your name and e-mail address
  • Please restrict your questions to those named Self or their direct descendants.


    We'd like confirmation on the parents of Thomas Self, b. 1816 in NC, and his wife Nancy (Cook) Self, b. 1815. The family lived in Union County, GA along with three other Self families that are possibly brothers of Thomas Self--Francis, John, and William. Please contact Webmaster.

    Lemuel Saunder Self of Cleveland County, NC, was born in 1801 and died in 1878. His wife was Rebecca Rooker. He is very closely related to Thomas Self, b. 1816 in NC. We, along with Cousin Diana, would like to correspond with his descendants and discover the names of his parents. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Diana has also located a Berryman H. Self born in North Carolina about 1813. He died in 1841. This earlier man could be an uncle of the Berryman H. Self, b. 1836, who married Susan Hoover and a relative to the Berryman H. Self (also born 1836) who lived in Union County, GA. Please contact Webmaster with further information.

    If anyone has access to the actual Census of Orange County, NC for the year 1820, could they please look up the information listed for Elijah Self, John Self, and William Self? They are shown on the index as #332 with no township listed. Please reply to BOTH Webmaster and Cousin Diana.

    Cousin Brenda is looking for information on Nathan H. Self, b. 1833 in AR, son of Elijah and Sarah (Fletcher) Self. Is this Nathan H. Self the father of Thomas R. Self of Newton County, AR? Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Fran would like information on Asbury M. Self. He was born Sep. 9, 1834 in AL., the son of Spencer Self who may have been known as John Spencer Self, and died Dec. 3, 1901 in Coos County, OR. If you can confirm the name of Asbury's father and his grandparents, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Gary would like to know the ancestry of Willis Clemeth Self (born April 1, 1873 and died May 2, 1954). He had a brother named Jim. We believe that this line was from Union County, GA. Please contact Webmaster.

    Looking for grandfather: Charles Dee Self was a seaman in the U.S. Navy and was stationed in Long Beach, California during World War II. He first married Carmen Mendoza. Their child, Anthony Dee Self, Sr., was born in Long Beach in 1945. Charles Dee Self lived in Texas, possibly Houston. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Kathryn is looking for the parents of Abner Self, born 1792 in NC and died about 1870 in DeKalb County, TN. He moved to DeKalb County, TN with the William Lawrence family and later married their daughter Nancy. It's not known yet why his parents didn't move with him. A child, Nancy Driver, b. 1842, lived with him in 1850. What relationship, if any, is she? Please contact Webmaster.

    Warren Self who lived in Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania, is the grandfather of Cousin Amy. If you have any information about him and his ancestral line, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Andi is looking for information on her grandfather, Virgil Self. He died, probably in Florida or Indiana, in the late 1970's. He married Elsie Johnson and had two sons, Maurice (born in Morgan County, Indiana) and Conrad and possibly a brother named Lauren. Virgil Self lived in California briefly in the late 1940's or early 1950's. Please contact Webmaster with information.

    Cousin Mary needs information on the parents, siblings, and ancestors of Benjamin Ellis Self, b. December 1925, probably in Mobile, AL. Please contact Webmaster.

    Leander Glidwell Self was born in 1865, probably in MO, and died 1909 in Malta, MT. He was married to Arda Alma Logan and had two known children, Eliza Jane and Lee Glidwell Jr. His parents were John F. and Jane L. (Brown) Self of Jackson County, MO. Cousin Bruce is looking for the ancestors of John F. Self and any descendants. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Bill is looking for the ancestry of his grandfather, Daniel Jefferson Self. Daniel Self was born in Georgia--in or around Meriweather County--and later moved his family to Lanett, AL. He changed his name to Jefferson Daniels. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Stephen is a descendant of Daniel Presley Self. We believe that his line goes back two more generations through Daniel Self, son of Presley Self. We would like verification of this ancestry and also of the ancestry of this Presley Self, born in VA. about 1760. Please contact Webmaster.

    Harvey Self, brother of Cousin Kay's grandfather, was born in Illinois about 1870. He m. Liva, Lyvia, or Lydia Summers and had two children, Russel and Claudine. The family lived in the Long Beach, CA. area in the 1930's. Harvey died from asthma. We need information on this family, especially on the whereabouts of Russel and Claudine. Please contact Webmaster.

    Please submit information on the family of John Self of the Rockingham County, VA. area and his wife, Mary ("Polly") Mobb. They had a child, Elizabeth, born about 1790 and died in 1874, who married St. Clair Shifflett about 1810. Their other daughter was named Peachy, and there were possibly two sons as well, Matthew and John. Please contact Webmaster.

    Phoebe Ann Self married Nathan Worley in 1840 in Washington Co., MO. Records list them as Phoebe Ann Selfe and Nathaniel Worldley. Phoebe Ann, daughter of Samuel Self and his wife, Elsie, was a widow in Texas Co., MO by 1850. Cousin Shelby would like to know the ancestors and descendants of Samuel and Elsie Self as well as Elsie's maiden name. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Judy is looking for the parents of Lavaga ("Bud") Self, born 1850 in Carter County, MO. His name may be a nickname for Levi, Elijah, or some other first name. He m. Marcia J. Huff and had children Emery (1876), Ezra (1879), Walter, and Ruth. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Felicia would like to know more about Sydney (Brown) Melvin, wife of Thomas Melvin and mother of Clare Vanie (Melvin) Self (wife of Tyra Luther Self). Clare and Tyra Luther Self were married in Blount County, AL. on Aug. 25, 1870 and later moved to OK. It's possible that Sydney (Brown) Melvin was full or part Cherokee/Choctaw Indian.Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Liz is looking for information on the parents of Presley Self, born 4 April 1763, possibly in Virginia and died 5 Nov. 1855 in: Benton Co., AL He married about 1780 Amy Gunter, born abt 1765, daughter of John Gunter.Please contact Webmaster.

    Raleigh C. (Rollie) Self was born in 1812 and died in 1857. He married Jan. 5, 1832 Melissa Bankston, b. 1819 and d. 1915 and had children Levi (1837), Josephine (1840), Catherine (1842), and Charity Ann (1844). If you can help Cousin Karla find the parents of Raleigh C. Self, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Betty is searching for the parents of Mary Elizabeth Self, born February 28, 1838, died October 18, 1902. She was married to William Castle Harvell. Their daughter Catherine F. Harvell was born June 12, 1866 in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana and married to Daniel Reese Warren III. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Cindy is looking for the parents of Bessie Self. Bessie's daughter, Teresa, was born on Aug. 18, 1916 in Iowa City, IA. Teresa's adopted name was Arlene Daniels. Please contact Cindy and send a copy to Webmaster.

    Cousin Doug is looking for any family records for a Stephen Self, b. circa 1811 in VA. He married about 1835, Catherine Blackwell. He was believed to be the first Self to settle in the South Branch Valley of Hardy, VA., now Hardy County/Grant County, WV. One of his sons, John T. Self was Cousin Doug's great grandfather. Please contact Webmaster.

    William Self, born in 1804, possibly in Union County, GA., m. Rebecca ---, b. 1802. They had a son named William Joseph who eventually moved to Cobb County, GA and died in DeKalb County, GA. Cousin Evie would like more information on William Self and also on Zeno Self, born about 1857, in Jefferson County, GA. or any other Selfs named Zeno. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Nancy's grandfather was a Self, but his father was an orphan. He and his brother were separated, and his brother was put on a train to an unknown destination. Cousin Nancy would like any information she can get to help her family do a family tree. Her grandfather lived in Mansfield, Louisiana. His name was David Melvin Self. She can give the name of all his brothers and sisters, plus children, cousins, grandchildren, anything anyone needs to know about her family if it will help. Please contact Webmaster.
    NOTE: Please see the related query on page 5

    Looking for Selph (Self): Richard Thomas Selph was born in 1905, probably in Westmoreland County, VA. His brothers were Harry George, Sligh, Wilford, and Hubbard--there was also a sister. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Angie is looking for parents or siblings of William S. Self. He died in Dickson Co., TN in the late 1800's. His wife's name was Sarah Jane Ragan and they were married in Dickson Co., TN on Aug. 26, 1837. They had at least one child whose name was Thomas Wesley Self. We'd like to know where this Self branch came from before Tennessee. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Sherri is looking for the ancestors of Jethro/Jethrew Self, b. ca. 1800 in Georgia. His parents may be either John and Toby O'Neal Self or Nancy Self, widow of Revolutionary War veteran Isaac or Moses Self (she got land in nearby Pike County Ga as his widow). Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Verna is researching Matilda Dalton who was married to Andrew Anderson Jackson Self. She was born in Mo., and we were told she was related to the James Gang. Please contact Webmaster.

    Thomas Newton Self was born on October 4, 1870 and died July 19, 1945. He married Virginia Mary Hall and had nine children. He was in Pontotoc, MS. by 1900. This line is related to Vardiman (Vardaman, Vardeman) Self. If someone can provide the link from Vardiman Self to Thomas Newton Self for Cousin Misty, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Kathy is looking for information on the following families: 1) John Self (b. 1820-1870) who m. Anna Logston (b. 1840-1870 in Logston Valley, KY)--parents of both John and Anna are unknown; 2) Hattie Mae Self (b. 1850-1872 and d. Before 1892) who m. about 1886. Thomas Jefferson Palmer, b. Sep. 5, 1859 in KY and d. in MO; 3) Willie Self (b. 1855-1899) who m. Katie Banks; and 4) Savannah Self (b. 1855-1899). She will share information on related lines and descendants. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin D'Layne is looking for the parents and ancestry of LaVerne Self who married Jessica (Emery) Williams. The family lived in Madill, OK in the 1960s. Please contact Webmaster.

    William Self Sr. was the son of Charnock and Elizabeth ("Betsy") (Brent) Self. He was born in 1797 probably in Fayette County, KY and married Margaret Collins there on May 18, 1818. Their children were Brightberry, Henry A., Mary Ann (m. Holder), William Jr., Margaret, James, and Sarah Elizabeth. The family went to Lafayette County, MO. Did Margaret (Collins) Self die there? Did Sarah Elizabeth marry and raise a family in MO? If you have any information on this family for Cousin Anne, please contact Webmaster.

    James Self was born on May 23, 1806 in Westmoreland County, VA. He married Maria Elmore there on Dec. 19, 1825 and had 10 children, among them John W. Self, b. Oct. 1834 and moved to Pickaway County, OH. Who were the parents of James Self? Please contact Webmaster.

    Missing Person: Cousin Greg is looking for his dad, Gary Michael Self, born Sep. 1954 in Cook County, IL. He would also like to find out more about his ancestry. His grandparents were John and Jean Marie Self, who lived first in Cook County, IL and then moved to Warrensburg, MO. If you have any information about this family, please contact Webmaster.

    WANTED: A copy of the marriage certificate of James Ramsey and Frances Ann Self, dated about 1784. There was supposedly a copy included with Frances Ann's original request for a Revolutionary Pension. Frances Ann was the son of William Self (see "Descendants of John Self," page 3 of "Family Album"), and she died Aug. 3, 1848. If you have a copy of this document, please contact Webmaster.

    Betsy Self m. Frederick Smith on Mar. 1, 1811 in Cumberland County, KY. She was the daughter of John Self (b. 1762 in Amelia County, VA.) and his wife, Barsheba Matthews. Her brothers and sisters were: Robert (m. Elizabeth Hendron), Fanny (m. George Robinson Logan), Diana (m. James Hendron), and Guy (m. Matilda Goggins). Cousin Virgil is looking for the parents and ancestry of Betsy's father, John Self. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Jerry would like to correspond with Self cousins who live in the Gastonia (NC)/Dallas area. If you live there, have relatives there, or have ancestors who lived there, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Debbie is looking for any Matthew Self, most especially the Matthew Self who married Nancy Cole in VA. She'd like to have a copy of his will and a list of his children, if possible. A grandson of Matthew Self and Nancy (Cole) Self may have been Matthias Self, born 1805, who married Harriet Katy Beasley in Orange County, VA. and lived in Rockingham County, VA. Please contact Webmaster.

    Anna Self was born about 1767 in NC. She married July 16, 1787 in Anson County, NC., Garrett Z. Watts. After the Revolutionary War, the family moved first to Jefferson County, GA and then to Pendleton County, SC, Bledsoe County, TN, and finally to Perry County, AL., where Garrett died in 1838. Anna was in Gibson County, TN in the 1850 census, possibly living with a son-in-law, Thomas Jones. She died there about 1852. It is believed that Vincent Self, son of Job Self, is her father. If anyone has proof of this, or a theory of any kind, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Joy is looking for information on the ancestry of her grandfather, Luis T. Self, of Vance County, NC. He married Viola S. Ball, daughter of Ausbin and Louiser Ball. They are included in the 1910 census of Vance County along with their 3-year-old son, Genie Scott Self. Please contact Webmaster.

    William Selph was born before 1775 in Ireland. Family tradition claims that he was Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ireland in the early 1800s. He was married to an English lady, and his son came to America around 1810. Cousin Bill is looking for more information on William Selph and any Selph descendants of the Lord Mayor's son in the US. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Kathy is looking for the parents of Peter Selph/Self. Peter was born in 1785 in VA and married Elizabeth --- (possible surname Vick or Vicks), born about 1789 in VA. In 1840 and 1850 they were in Benton County, TN. They had children Peter (b. about 1820), Elizabeth, Duncan Hyder (b. about 1826 in NC), and Iley Nunn (b. about 1830 in NC). Iley Nunn Selph became a doctor. Duncan Hyder Self, a minister and president of the Baptist Female College in Lexinton, MO., married Lavinia Burton, daughter of Col. Frank N.W. Burton, in Madison County, TN. He died in Lexington, MO. in 1874. Please contact Webmaster.

    John Harrison Self was born in Liverpool, England on Oct. 24, 1872. He came to the US, married Rosie Delillah Randall, and worked in the oil fields. He died about 1936 and is buried in Little, OK. Cousin Terry would like to know more about this family. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Lisa is looking for a possible Self connection with the Wooster family in TX. Milton Wooster was the son of Stoy and Alice (Knight) Wooster. If anyone knows of a Self who married into this family, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Jamie would like to know the parents/ancestry of Green Oliver Self was born about 1890 in AL. Please contact Webmaster.

    Bennie Lee Self lived in Attala County, MS and died in Ackerman, Choctaw County, MS. in August 1972. He was born, probably in AR., on Mar. 28, 1892 and when he went to MS., he left behind a wife and family. His son, Bennie Edmond, lived in MS where he married and raised his family. If anyone can tell Cousin Dan the ancestry of Bennie Lee Self, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Jean is looking for information on Elizabeth Self, b. 1833 in AR and m. about 1855-6 to Barton (Bart, Busor) Doolin. They lived in Newton and Johnson Counties in AR. Barton Doolin was a half-brother to William (Bill) Doolin, the infamous outlaw of Oklahoma Territory. If you know the parents/ancestry of Elizabeth (Self) Doolin, please contact Webmaster.

    Herbert Otis Self was born in or near Rock Rapids, IA on Mar. 4, 1885. He was the son of John Self, born 1855 in Scotland and Elura Johnson, also born 1855, location unknown, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Goodheart) Johnson. In 1910 Herbert Otis Self married Delia Magdelina Zimmer in Lanchwook, IA and had a daughter in Egan (Lone Tree), SD. He homesteaded in Desart, ND and taught school around 1909. If you can help Cousin Judy find her roots, please contact Webmaster.

    Diana Self, b. about 1792 and d. 1858, m. Jan. 5, 1815 in Cumberland County, KY., James Hendren, b. 1785 in Morgan District, Wilkes Co., NC and d. Oct. 30, 1848 in KY. Her brother, Robert Self, b. 1788 in VA and d. in Burksville, KY m. Feb. 17, 1807 in Madison County, KY., Letty Hendren (sister of James), b. 1790 in Morgan District, Wilkes Co., NC and d. after 1860 in KY. Diana and Robert were children of John and Elizabeth (Mathews) Self. To help Cousin James with the ancestry of John Self and/or the descendants of Diana (Self) Hendren and Robert Self, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Ed would like any information from anyone who might have records of Phayton Dolphus Self, born in Granville County, NC on Sep. 9, 1861 and died Oct. 29, 1930 in Nash County, NC. He was married to Maggie Nora Johnson, b. Oct. 24, 1861 and d. July 8, 1929 in Nash County, NC. Their children were: [1] Robert Daniel Self, [2] Milton Dolphus Self, [3] Joseph Roy Self, [4] Eunice Self, [5] Mary Arkie Self, and [6] Anna A. Self. Please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Paul is seeking ancestral line for John Madison Self, b. Apr. 24, 1847 in Rome, Floyd County, GA and d. Nov. 13, 1918, Ozark, Franklin Co., AR. He m. in Ozark, AR., Apr. 14, 1892 Edward Jimmie Barclift, daughter of Noah and Rachel Jane (Warner) Barclift. He is buried in Lot 29, Highland Cemetery, Ozark, AR. His children were: Emma; Elmo; Effie Rose Lee; Marie Geneva; Grace; and Matthew Cornelious. Please contact Webmaster.

    William Isaac Self, Sr. was born about 1775 in Prince Edward County, VA and married Dicey Vaughn (b. about 1775 in Bedford County, VA) on January 21, 1795 in Bedford County, VA. They had six children: Elijah (m. Martha Beavers); Joseph (m. Beardene Rachel); William, Jr (m. Virginia Walker); Jacob (m. Patience Burke); Elias; Dicey (m. Harrison Cooper). William settled in the Florida Parishes, Louisiana in 1810 and died about 1846 in Hancock County, MS. Cousin Linda is looking for the parents and siblings of William Isaac Self, Sr. She has information on his descendants. Please contact Webmaster.

    Joseph William Self was born about 1858 in GA. He m. (1) about 1876 in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett, GA., Rebecca Freeman, and had children Alton Oscar and Annie; (2) March 1902, Marie Louise ("Mamie") Hardage and had three children. He died May 2, 1915 in Dallas, TX. Cousin Betty is descended from Joseph William Self through his son, Alton Oscar Self and his wife, Jentha Esther Pyle and their son, Joseph Durand Self, b. Nov. 26, 1900 in East Point, GA. If you can help her with the ancestry of Joseph William Self, please contact Webmaster.

    Cousin Joyce is looking for the parents of Sallie M. Self, b. Dec. 10, 1857 and d. May 4, 1939 in Columbus, GA. She would also like to know the date and place where Sallie was married to Charles Willis Kilgore. Please contact Webmaster.


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