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Cousin Ed has extracted Selfs from the Dallas City Directories, 1903-1930. If you'd like a copy of his work, please contact Webmaster.

Cousin Kay has published an 18 page essay on the first two generations of the Gunter family (related to Amy/Annie Gunter who m. Presley Self), with some members of the third generation included. If you are interested in receiving this essay, please contact Webmaster.

Cousin Robert has transcribed SELF births, marriages, and deaths from Union County, GA as well as births and marriages from Towns County, GA. If you would like to view these RTF files, please contact Webmaster.

Cousin Anita has contributed 4 Self-related gedcom files--surnames Miller, Cunningham, Traugott, and Singewald.  Please contact Webmaster.

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Cousin Carol has been busy. She has submitted lists of selected deaths and marriages from some KY counties. Not all contain Self information and some are very brief, but if you are looking for ancestors in KY, these lists may help. This is an ongoing project. The lists will be updated, and there will be more lists. They are in Microsoft Word format.

Adair--Barren--Lambert and Edmonson--Logan
Owen--Pulaski--Shelby--Warren--Washington--Woodford. And some from Goochland, VA.

NEW: Horse Cave Cemetery!

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Carol Allen has extensive information on selected North Carolina counties. She has advertised titles and prices on various listservs. To find out what is available, please write directly to her.

Cousin David has given us four documents. If you would like to have a copy of one or all, please contact Webmaster.


compiled by David Newlin

Westmoreland County, Virginia Records

Extracts from the LDS Family History Library Holdings, October 1996

NOTE: Categories of records available on micro-film are listed at the beginning of each section in the LDS records. For Westmoreland Co., unlike many other counties (including Northumberland), there are no Cemetery Records, Birth Records nor Death Records.

1. The Committees of Safety of Westmoreland and Fincastle 1774-1776, edited by Richard Barksdale Harwell, Virginia State Library, 1974.

2. Westmoreland County (Containing abstracts of Will Books 1-18 (may be missing bk. 17), 1655-1794; militia order books 1777-1781; land grants books, no. 3-6, 1653-1679; and proprietors' deeds or grants books, nos. 1-5, A-B, D-F, I, T, W, and Y, 1690-1793) edited by William Armstrong Crozier, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1962.

3. Westmoreland County, Virginia, deeds and wills, abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman, J.F. Dorman, Washington, D.C., 1964. Please note that this source has been extensively abstracted by Virginia Easley Demarce in information previously referred to.

4. Westmoreland County, Virginia order books, abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman, J.f. Dorman, Washington, D.C., 1962. See note on Number 3 above.

5. Historical Atlas of Westmoreland County, Virginia, patents, showing how lands were patented from the crown and proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virginia, David W. Eaton, Richmond, VA., 1942.

6. Westmoreland County, 102 leaves with information taken from "deeds, wills, patents, etc," 1653-1659, B. Fleet, Richmond, VA., 1945. Library apparently has three volumes, numbers 22, 23 and 24.

7. Wills of Westmoreland County, Virginia, 1654-1800. August B. Fethergill. Appeals Press, 1925. Note: This source has been extracted by Mrs. Demarce in the work that she has done. Many wills are also printed in the Self Newsletter. This was an early source.

8. Some Descendants of Colonel George Washington, etc. Names additional and allied families (none of which are familiar to the compiler in our Self research). Charles Arthur Hoppin, New York, NY, 1982.

9. George Washington Birthplace National Monument, J. Paul Hudson, US Government Printing Office, 1955. Note: The Mary Ball Washington Library in the area has a large number of records. The compiler has corresponded with them and not found a great deal of information pertaining to the Selfs.

10. A Sketch of Yeocomico Church, Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Wat Tyler Mayo and others, typescript, ca. 1906. Note: This was the church to which the Selfs belonged. The compiler has corresponded with them and has received no reply as to extant records, etc.

11. Minutes of Freeholder's Meetings 1775-1776, handwritten manuscript, Fordham University, New York, NY, ca. 1776.

12. Church History, Northern Neck Presbyterian Church, Cooper Trent Publishers, Richmond, VA., 1968.

13. The Marriage License Bonds of Westmoreland County, Virginia, 1786-1850, Stratton Nottingham, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1975.

14. 1850 Census of Westmoreland County, Virginia, Rhonda S. Robertson, Mullins Genealogical Publications, Clintwood, VA., 199?.

15. Deed and Will Abstracts of Westmoreland County, Virginia, edited by Ruth and Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, McLea, VA., 1984. Note: Virginia Easley Demarce in recent correspondence has stated her intention to correspond with the authors about their reports. In addition, information in this source is found in the previously mentioned research of Mrs. Demarce.

16. Will Index, General Index to Wills, 1653-1950, Virginia Circuit Court, Westmoreland County, microfilms of originals on file at Montross County Courthouse, Montross, VA., Salt Lake City, Utah, 1950.

17. Chancery Orders, 1931-1856, Virginia Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery, Westmoreland Co., Virginia, Virginia State Library, 194?

18. Personal Property Tax Lists of Westmoreland County, 1782-1850, Virginia State Library, filmed 1993.

19. Court Orders, 1662-1873, Virginia State Library, filmed 1947-1950. Note: 23 (44) reels of microfilm.

20. Fiduciary Book, 1742-1789, Westmoreland County Court, Virginia, Virginia State Library, 1949.

21. Index to Fiduciary Accounts, 1723-1917, Westmoreland County Court, Virginia, Virginia tate Library, filmed 1950.

22. Land Causes, 1827-1837, Westmoreland County Court, Virginia, Virginia State Library, 1949.

23. Miscellaneous Land and Probate Records 1654-1970, Westmoreland County Court, Virginia, Virginia State Library, 1947.

24. Mixed Deeds, Wills, Court Orders, and Poll Lists, 1653-1859, Virginia State Library, 194? Note: Another group of 23 microfilms.

25. Records and Inventories of Estates, 1723-1746, 1752-1756, 1767-1776, 1790-1867, Virginia State Library, 1950. Note: 17 reels of microfilm.

26. Court Records, 1809-1831, Superior Court of Law, Westmoreland County, Virginia, Virginia State Library, 194?

27. History of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia, 1656-1692 (includes parts of Westmoreland, King George, and Caroline Counties where we are searching), Thomas Hoskins Warner, P.P. Warner, Tappahannock, VA., 1965.

28. Westmoreland County, Virginia, 1653-1912, Lawrence Washington, Whittset and Shepperson, Richmond, VA., 1912.

29. Westmoreland County, Virginia, 1653-1983, 3dited by Walter Briscoe Morris, Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors, Montross, VA., 1988.

30. General Index to Deeds, 1653-1898 Mixed Deeds and Wills, 1823-1968, microfilm of original in Westmoreland County Courthouse, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1950.

31. Marriage Records, 1826-1850; Marriage License Bonds, 1786-1850; Marriage Registers, 1854-1908; Birth Registers, 1858-1895, microfilms of the originals in Westmoreland County, VA, Courthouse, Montross, VA., Salt Lake City, Utah, 1950.

32. Register of Deaths, 1857-1896, microfilm of originals in Westmoreland County, Virginia Courthouse, Montross, VA., Virginia State Library, 1949.

33. Register of Free Negroes, 1828-1849, Westmoreland, Virginia County Clerk, Virginia State Library, 1949.

Additional Resources for Self Family Research, October 1996

1. Virginia's Colonial Soldiers, Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD., 1988, 448 pp., indexed.

2. The Complete Book of Immigrants, Peter Wilson Coldham, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD., 1987, 660 pp., index.

3. The Complete Book of Immigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775, Peter Wilson Coldham, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1988, 920 pp., indexed.

4. Douthits of America, W. Cary Anderson, Miller Press, Eureka, CA., 1988, 800 pp., index. (Miller Press, 1840 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501).

5. North Central Alabama Families, Delton Blalock, Route 2, Box 420, Hanceville, AL., 35077.

6. Cemetery Inscriptions, Oxford Memorial Gardens (formerly Oxford City Cemetery), Calhoun Co., Alabama, 1849-1987, compiled by Yvonne Philbert Self, AlaBenton Book Shop, Anniston-Calhoun County Public Library, Box 308, Anniston, AL., 36202, abt 1988, 108 pp, maps, index.

7. Virginia, Northern Neck Land Grants, Gertrude E. Gray, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD., 1993, in four volumes: Vol. 1., 1694-1742; Vol. 2, 1742-1775; Vol. 3, 1775-1800; Vol. 4, 1800-1862, indexed. Note: from description: "The 'headright' system, widely employed as a means of acquiring land in Virginia, was never recognized in the Northern Neck, and persons wishing to acquire land there had to purchase a warrant and obtain a survey before they were issued a grant." Also the following: "From the year 1690, shortly after the proprietorship of the area was acquired by Lord Culpepper, Northern Neck land records were kept separately from the Virginia Colony records...Not surprisingly, Northern Neck Land Grants post-1690 were left untouched by Nell Marion Nugent in her seminal Cavaliers and Pioneers, a work that dealt principally with Virginia Colony patents and grants."

8. Tidewater Virginia Families, A Quarterly Magazine of History and Genealogy, P.O. Box 876, Urbanna, VA., 23175, began publication in 1992. Back issues available, $25.00 per year.

9. The Bristol Registers, Peter Wilson Coldham, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD., 1988, 920 pp., indexed. Note: It is known that Robert Self the Elder received land for persons for whom he had paid passage to Virginia. This book, subtitled "of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations," may list some of these servants and more information. Some documents exist to indicate that a William and a Susan or Susannah Self left from Bristol, England to the Virginia Colony in the early 1600's. Bristol was the port closest to _____shire, where the earliest Robert and Elizabeth Batten Self were married. Tradition has it that the Selfs were from this area in the southwest of England.

10. Westmoreland County, Virginia--A Short Chapter and Bright Day in its History, Stemmons Publishing Company, Box 612, West Jordan, UT 84084, originally published 1912, 153 pp. Note: this source may be duplicated from LDS library holdings.

11. Sullivan County Missouri Ancestors, 56 Chestnut, Wayne, NJ., 07470. Vol. V includes surnames of Self and others. No author listed, no pages listed.

12. Early Virginia Marriages, William Armstrong Crozier, at LDS Family History Library, 1986, reprint with new index. Film No. 0711475, US Can Book area 975.5 V2c.

13. The Biographical Dictionary of Early Virginia, edited by Lyon Tyler, 1982, Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, Jamestown, VA., 23801, 3913 pp., microfiche.

14. Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Lyon Tyler, 5 volumes, 1915, Datamics, Inc., 114 Liberty Street, New York, 10016, 35 mm microfilm. Originally published New York, Lewis Publishing Company, 1915.

15. Early Virginia Immigrant 1623-1666, George Cabell Greer, 1912, reprinted 1982, 376 pp., Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD.

16. Whitehaven to Washington (explains the close relationship between the people of Whitehaven in England and those in the Northern Neck of Virginia during the Colonial period), Elizabeth Lawrence-Dow and Daniel Hay, 3415 Kensington, #106, Richmond, VA., 23221, 48 pp., 1974, illustrated, indexed.

17. Some Emigrants to Virginia, William G. Stanard, 1915, reprinted 1979, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Md., 94 pp., 2nd ed., enlarged.

18. Index to the Virginia Genealogist Volumes 1-20, 1957-1976, John Frederick Dorman, 1981, 946 pp., Netti Schreiner-Yantis, 6818 Lois Drive, Springfield, VA., 22150.

19. The Virginia Historical Register, originally published Richmond, VA., 1848-1853, reprinted 1973, six volumes in three, GBIP, 6818 Lois Drive, Springfield, VA., 22150.

20. Virginia Historical Index, commonly referred to as "Swem's Index," two volumes in four, 1934, 2299 pp., Netti Schreiner-Yantis, 6818 Lois Drive, Springfield, VA 22160. This index includes a large number of books such as: "The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Volumes 1-38, 1893-1930"; "The William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, first series, volumes 1-27, 1892-1919"; same, "second series, Volumes 1-10, 1921-1930"; "Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Volumes 1-10, 1919-1929"; "Virginia Historical Register and Literary Advertiser, Volumes 1-6, 1848-1853"; "The Lower Norfolk County Antiquary, Volumes 1-5, 1895-1906"; "Henings Statutes at Large, 1691-1792, Volumes 1-13"; "Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscripts Preserved in the Capitol at Richmond, 1652-1869, Volumes 1-12."

21. Abstract of Northern Neck Grants, from books "F" and "G," Mrs. Owen Crickard, Route 1, Box 218, Beverly, WV, 26253, no date nor pages.

22. The Stronghold, A Story of Historic Northern Neck of Virginia and Its People, Miriam Haynie, Dietz Press, 109 E. Carey, Richmond, VA., 23219, 1959, no pp. listed.

23. Place Names of the Northern Neck of Virginia from John Smith's 1606 Map to the Present, Mary R. Miller, 1983, 159 pp., GBIP, 6818 Lois Drive, Springfield, VA., 22150.

Family Records With the Name of Self

Extracts from the LDS Family History Library Holdings, October 1996

1. Aldridge Records, Franklin Rudolph Aldridge, Nashville, Tennessee, Commercial Letter Shop. 1966.

2. The Harbours in Sullivan Co., Missouri, Lucille Dillinger Alexander, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1989.

3. Burleson, Bye, Ellicott, Ely, Kimbrough, Lewis and Self Family Genealogical Records and Pedigree Charts, Jessie Mae Ashford, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1983.

4. Phillips, Fine, Sandin, Self Families in North Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, Delton D. Blalock, privately published, Hanceville, Alabama, 1984.

5. Manuscript Collection of Edna Lewis Boyd, private collection, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1983.

6. Self Heritage, Edna Earle James and Larry R. Brown, Gregath, Cullman, Alabama, 1984. Note: most of this data has been researched and is included in existing databases.

7. Self and Related Families, Mableen Self Cabaniss, M. S. Cabaniss, Shelby, NC, 1985.

8. Now Living in Boone County, Missouri, Virginia Easley DeMarce, Amundsen Publishing Co., Decorah, Iowa, 1990, in two volumes. Note: most of the Self information on early families is already included in databases. The disk mentioned previously includes Self information from this book and additional research of Mrs. DeMarce.

9. Kinship, Our Mother's Line, Zola F. Elliott, Z. F. Elliott, Austin, Texas, 1989.

10. The History of the Etheridge Family of Stradbrooke and Fressingfield, David Elliott Etheridge, D. E. Etheridge, Victoria, BC.

11. A Genealogy of the Bankston Family, United States, s.n., 1970 (?).

12. Hallmark, 1995, Paul W. Henderson, P. Henderson, Fort Worth, Texas, 1995.

13. Hudson Family Association, Bulletin Hudsoniana, Hudson Family Association, Jackson, MS., 1995.

14. Lee Lineage, Edna Earle James, Gregath Press, Cullman, AL., 1982.

15. The Jones-Reese and Allied Families, Montez DeMonia Jones, Gregath Press, Cullman, AL., 1982.

16. Randall Lewis of Hopkinton, RI and Delaware Co., NY., Frank Pardee Lewis, University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, MI., 1985.

17. Marriage Index, Surname Self and Spouse List, Richard Self, Tombstone, AZ., 1986. Note: this list is in numerous descendants' possession and can generally be thought to have been included in previous research and databases.

18. Descendants of Spottswood James Omohundro of Amherst Co., Virginia, Gloria Omohundro Palmer, G. O. Palmer, Santa Ana, Ca., 1984.

19. Pendergraft and Cardwell of Virginia, Allen Pendergraft, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1979.

20. Jolly Journal, Carolyn Pratt Jolly, Jolly-Estes Family Research Association, St. Louis, MO., 1983.

21. Purcells of Virginia With Allied Families, Anne Reed Ritchie, Typescript, 1973.

22. The Self Family and Other Related Families, Barry T. Self, typescript, 1973.

23. The Self Family Newsletter, Daniel C. McCarthy, back issue on microfiche, 1982-1983 (incomplete), Salt Lake City, Utah, 1986. Note: this information has been extensively read and compiled in many data bases.

24. Lizzie's Legacy and Our Coffey Cousins, Mary Elizabeth Coffee Self, B.C. Liftin, Kiowa, OK., 1984.

25. Self Connections, the Ancestors of Kenneth Vincent Self, Maurine Lundgren Self, Pleasanton, CA., 1991.

26. The Family of Josiah Franklin Self and Frances Augusta Wright Self, Victor H. Self, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1964.

27. The Sibley Family in America 1629-1972, James Scarborough Sibley, J. S. Sibley, Midlothian, Texas, 1982.

28. A Tree is Planted, Susan Brunson Stell, L. C. Photoduplication Services, Washington, D.C., 1986.

29. Family History of Alex Johnson, Kay Self Stevens, K. S. Stevens, Midland, Texas, 1985.

30. The Family of John Chester Swanson and Eddie Soyars Swanson, John Chester Swanson, J. C. Swanson, Mission Viejo, CA., 1987.

31. The Allen Family Registry, david W. Valliant, D. W. Valliant, Saginaw, MI, 1980.

32. The Winegar Tree, Winegar Family Association, Northfield, MN, 1978.

33. Our Legacy, Garner-ThainFamily of Idaho, Barbara Garner Benscoter, Copy Cabin, Lewiston, ID, 1992.

34. Chappelear, George W. Chappelear, Snenandoah Press, Dayton, VA, 1932.

35. Southern Garners, Our Branch of the Garner-Keene Family, James Samuel Garner, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1984.

36. The Jenkins of Northern Neck and Old 96, Amelia C. Gilreath, A. C. Gilreath, Nokesville, VA. 1988.

37. Gunter, Edwin D. Gunter, Futura Press, Austin, Texas, 1983.

38. John Lewis, The Lost Pioneer, Daniel Reed Long, D. R. Long, Baltimore, MD, 1971.

39. Garner, Keene, Gosnold, Naunton and Robinson Family Notes, Mary F. Price, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1976.

40. Garner-Keene Families of Northern Neck, Virginia, Ruth Ritchie, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1980.

41. Greenwill, Tuttle, Williamson, Mills, Garner, Taylor, Fern Helen Taylor, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, 1989.


compiled by Tim Seawolf-Self and Barbara Peck

1. DeMarce, Virginia Easley. Tentative SELF Outline - Families in and migrating out of Westmoreland and Northumberland Cos., VA, prior to 1800. -- based on literature survey of published records and abstracts only. Revision of 10 September 1996. Microsoft Word format.

All of the above documents are widely distributed, reside in the possession of many researchers, and are a matter of public record, available in print format, electronic format, and/or on various Web sites. If you would like to have your electronic documents or GEDCOMS distributed to others, please contact Webmaster to have them placed in this list. Please state whether you would be willing to allow other researchers to contact you for distribution.

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