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    Self Family Cemetery South of Florien, Sabine Parish, LA, surveyed by Harold J. Tanner, Sep 1999

    Lela A. Self b Oct 28, 1860 d Feb 2, 1932

    Dr R. L. Self b May 13, 1859 d Oct 4, 1914 (Mason)

    Walter Morris Self son of R. L. & Lela Self b Sep 7, 1891 d Sep 11, 1900

    S. Rubie son of S. E. & S. L. Self b Feb 2, 1899 d Feb 3, 1899

    S. E. Self b Apr 25, 1855 d Oct 9, 1910 (Woodsman of the World)

    Sophronia L. Self wife of Samuel E. Self b Sep 29, 1858 d Jun 21, 1911

    David W. Self Maj, Co B, 17 LA Inf Confederate States Army b Dec 21, 1833 d Aug 6, 1896 (Mason)

    Elizabeth L. Wife of D. W. Self b 1833 d 1915

    Mattie wife of J. W. Self b Nov 10, 1883 d Aug 22, 1898

    Infant Son of George Z. & Delia Corley

    Charles Arthur Thornton US Army 1929 1993 Charles A. Thornton b Nov 25, 1929 d Apr 27, 1993

    Maggie wife of Clyde Dowden b Oct 5, 1895 d Apr 18, 1918

    Dawson Irby Dowden b Aug 20, 1916 d Nov 3, 1917

    Jackie son of T. C. & Ruth Dowden b & d Aug 29, 1935

    Thomas J. Dowden b May 1, 1862 d May 31, 1937

    Ellen Self wife of Thomas J. Dowden b Sep 24, 1861 d Mar 24, 1926

    Little Abe son of T. C. & Ruth Dowden b Apr 23, 1928 d Dec 13, 1928

    Infant Son of T. C. & Ruth Dowden (No Dates)

    Robert E. son of F. E. & Mary E. Self b Jun 6, 1866 d Sep 25, 1870

    Lula E. Dau of F. D. & Mary E. Self b May 20, 1868 d Aug 26, 1871 Anna Belle Thaxton wife of F. B. Coan b Aug 19, 1906 d Mar 11, 1926

    J. F. Coan b Feb 18, 1868 d Apr 8, 1951

    Louise E. Self wife of James F. Coan b Jan 29, 1873 d Oct 28, 1937

    Dade L. Self wife of J. Leonard Slaughter b 1879 d 1909

    Mary E. wife of Frank Self b Feb 7, 1832 d May 24, 1901

    Franklin D. Self 2Lt, Co B, 17 LA Inf Confederate States Army b Oct 28, 1838 d Jul 23, 1887

    Elizabeth J. dau of F. D. & Mary E. Self b Sep 24, 1876 d Dec 30, 1878

    Wm Jessie son of S. E. & S. L. Self b Jun 8, 1881 d Aug 15, 1885

    Numerous unmarked graves with stone inscribed "Known only to God"

    Welcome Grove Road Cemetery, Mosheim (Greene County) TN, contributed by Cousin Renaee

    Thomas Cloyd Self b. Mar. 18, 1875 d. ? 1876

    Thomas C. Self b. Feb. 1869-aged 3 years (unable to read) 6 days

    Susan Alice-daughter of D.K. and M.C. Self d. July (12) 1858-4 months, 8 days

    ? son of D.K. and M.C. Self d. April 1868-15 days

    Harriet A. Russell-daughter of M.V. and S.J. Russell b. Oct. 27(2) 1866 d. Oct. 03, 1871

    Thomas A. Russell-son of M.V. and S.J. Russell b.Feb. 06, 1868 d. June 25, 1868

    George A. Russell-son of M.V. and S.J. Russell b.Jan. 18, 1867 d. Mar. 25, 1867

    James McDonald b. Jan. 28, 1846 d. Mar. 11, 1916

    Sarah S. McDonald-wife of James McDonald b. Nov. 02, 1845 d. Mar. 03, 1909

    Directions to the cemetery are:
    11E toward Morristown via Johnson City. Go into the city limits of Mosheim, pass Mobile home sales lot on right called American Living, Inc. Next road to the right (Blue Springs Parkway), turn right. LandAir terminal is on this road. After turning right, next road to left is Welcome Grove Rd. The cemetery is almost immediately to your right. It is surrouned on three sides with a white-washed fence.

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